Continuous Chain Raked Screen

The Continuous Chain Raked Screen is used on inlet works and storm overflows where large concentrations of debris are expected.

Replaceable bolted tine plates are fixed to the carrier beams connected to two strands of matched endless chains. The chains are equivalent to 12,000lbs or 24,000lbs dependent on duty. Chains are driven by sprockets fixed to the substantial headshaft running in tensioned roller bearings.

Grids down to 6mm bar spacing taper or rectangular bars in carbon or stainless steel. Grids can be extended to discharge point or more commonly finishing above water level and continuing in carbon steel painted or stainless steel debris plates. The chains pass around a wear resistant bottom guide track which removes the necessity for sprockets and bearings in sewage flows.

Drives can be weatherproof or zoned for gas areas and are shaft mounted to give clean lines to the screen. The debris on the rakes is removed by a pivoted wiper with wear resistant nylon blade.