Drum Screen

Drum and Cup screens offer a simple and robust solution to applications where there is a requirement to screen large volumes of water. Typical applications include power generation intakes and desalination plants.

Over many years the cup screen, in particular, has been used on sewage works for fine inlet screening and sea outfall use. Both drum and cup screens are supplied with perforated stainless or plastic panels for sewage applications, and woven wire mesh for water intakes. The standard aperture size is 6mm, for both sewage and water applications, with the option to go down to 3mm for water intakes.

As the flow passes through the screen, debris adheres to the panels and is washed off, by an externally mounted, high pressure spray, into debris hoppers mounted at operating floor level. Larger debris is lifted up by elevating trays. The debris hoppers are covered by a spraybox to eliminate unwanted spray. Depending on the application the removed debris is either washed and compacted, before being discharged into a skip, or dewatered in a mesh basket.