Grit Star

A combined package of screening and grit removal is a pre-requisite of wastewater treatment to make the ongoing effluent a manageable and consistent medium entering the next phase of treatment.

The Grit Star grit removal system is designed to provide the highest grit removal performance possible.

The grit removal device has less than 6mm (270 degrees) or 152mm (360 degrees) headloss. No moving parts, subject to wear or stoppage, are sited below the water surface. An integral scouring/fluidising line is provided to clean or fl uidise the grit before extraction. All drives, lubrication points and bearings are readily accessible from the walkway above the bridge level. The impeller is positioned immediately above the grit collection hopper, rotated by a drive tube to optimise velocity and maximise the removal of faecal and vegetable matter in the grit chamber.

The grit removal system can be provided to operate in a pre-cast concrete trap (provided by others) or we can provide a fabricated tank in stainless steel or shot blasted and painted mild steel to suit clients requirements.