Scraper Loading Data Acquisition

True loading data can reduce the cost and inherent risk of new equipment.

When specifying new equipment there is often much uncertainty as to the true design parameters, even if existing equipment is already in service in the same application on site. This can lead to either cautious overengineering or problems further down the line: Costly in either case!

With a view to supporting all parties in the design specification stages of a settlement tank project, we have developed a drive torque monitoring system which can be temporarily fitted to new or existing scraper equipment (subject to verification by site survey) to provide drive loading data and therefore, by theoretical calculation, true scraper blade loading data to be used in the specifying of new equipment on site. Analysis can be undertaken over a single tank rotation or studied over weeks or even months of operation.

Our load monitoring system can also be used to check the smooth operation of a new installation, highlighting any variations in the scraper operation around the tank which may prove to be detrimental to the equipment’s operational reliability or life of wearing parts, and crosschecking the setting of the torque overload device.