Sludge Thickeners

The Ham Baker Group are proud to be able to offer the benefit of our decades of experience in the design, manufacture and installation of WRc Thickeners and Picket Fence Thickeners. Our past projects include varying styles and sizes of thickener from as little as 1.6m to 20m diameter, package plants (tank and thickener) and fabrication in a variety of materials such as painted or galvanised mild steel and 304, 316 and even duplex grade stainless steel.

Our thickeners have been installed for operation at potable water treatment plants, wastewater works and also industrial plants, for which the process conditions can be particularly difficult. Where applicable, our designs conform to the relevant WRc guidelines to give the best possible sludge solids concentration and to reduce sludge volume, thus reducing subsequent dewatering and sludge disposal costs.

Options can include inlet diffusers, launders, GRP roofs, scum control and sludge blanket monitoring, and for more process-critical applications, realtime sludge loading monitoring and feedback. We offer a full turnkey solution, this may include the design and manufacture of the process tank, thickener mechanism, access stairways and platforms, pre-wiring and pre-assembly off-site and mechanical and electrical site installation, followed by commissioning by highly trained and competent site team engineers.