The Ham Baker Adams “Screenings Treatment and Reduction Wash” offers unparalleled biological solid reduction whilst maintaining an impressive compaction ratio and dryness fraction. B.O.D (Biological Oxygen Demand) has been found to be as little as 8mg/l during site trials. Reliability however has been the main priority in the development of the system and the system has been optimised by using proven compaction technology with the addition of pioneering cleaning techniques. A selection of carefully designed alternatives have been created to handle even the most demanding applications cost effectively.

The STAR Wash can take the place of any compactor mounted under screening equipment or as a stand alone unit fed using launder troughs. The system uses an Archimedean screw to linearly transfer gross solids from a reception and dewatering zone through a washing section into a compaction zone before eventual discharge.

Cleaning is undertaken using high pressure water jets located internally (on the Archimedean screw). The liquid is expelled from the transfer member through a plurality of holes at the compaction end and also through a number of slots in the reception zone.

Designed with reliability in mind, the system does not utilise any form of cutter/blade or macerator and is not subject to excessive grit wear.